Selected Discography



“Spirits and Warriors” with Alex Sipiagin: trumpet, Mark Shim: tenor sax and wind controller, Ugonna Okegwo: bass, Billy Hart: drums.  (Criss Cross Jazz, 2016)

“Montage ” Solo Piano (Hot Tone Music, 2016)

“Twenty - Two” with Mimi Jones: bass & vocals, Rudy Royston: drums.  (Hot Tone Music, 2015)

“Links” with Miguel Zenon: alto sax, Dwayne Burno: bass and Rodney Green: drums.  (Criss Cross Jazz, 2013)

“Universal Mind” with Drew Gress: bass and Jack Dejohnette: drums.  (RKM Music, 2012)

“The Infancia Project” with Mark Shim: saxophone, Andy Gonzalez: bass, Ignacio Berroa: drums and Mauricio Herrera: percussion  (Criss Cross Jazz, 2012)

“Pathways” with Hans Glawischnig: bass and Eric McPherson: drums.  (CrissCross Jazz 2008)

“Awareness” with Hans Glawischnig, Henry Grimes: bass and Eric McPherson, Nasheet Waits: drums. (RKM Music, 2006)

“Focus Point” with Miguel Zenon, Ravi Coltrane, Ugonna Okegwo, Miriam Sullivan, Carlo DeRosa, Ralph Peterson and Roberto Quintero. (RKM Music, 2005)


With other artists:

Samuel Torres “Alegria” (Blue Conga, 2019)

Ben Wolfe “Fatherhood” (Resident Arts Records, 2019)

Miguel Zenon “Sonero” (Miel Music, 2019) Feat: Miguel Zenon - alto sax, Hans Glawischnig- bass,          Henry Cole - drums.

David Sanchez “Carib” (Ropeadope, 2019) Feat: David Sanchez - tenor and soprano sax, Lage Lund - guitar, Ricky Rodriguez - bass, Obed Calvaire - drums, Marcus Schwartz - percussion, Jhan Lee Aponte - percussion.

Terraza Big Band “One Day Wonder” (Outside In, 2019)

Henry Threadgill “Double Up, plays Double Up Plus” (PI, 2018) Feat:Curtis Robert Macdonald – alto saxophone, Roman Filiu – alto saxophone & alto flute, Christopher Hoffman – cello, Jose Davila – tuba         David Bryant – piano, Luis Perdomo – piano, David Virelles – piano & harmonium
Craig Weinrib – drums, percussion

Jon Irabagon “Dr Quixotics Traveling Exotics” (Irrabagast, 2018) Feat: Jon Irabagon - tenor and soprano sax, Tim Hagans - trumpet, Yasushi Nakamura - bass, Rudy Royston - drums.

Fran Vielma “Tendencias” (Papelon Records, 2018) Feat: Fran Vielma: compositions and arrangements, vocals, Venezuelan maracas and drums, cumacos, fulías, clarín, tamborito and mina, djembe, cajón, cymbals and effects; Multi-percussion; Michael Rodríguez: trumpet; Miguel Zenón: alto saxophone; Angel Subero: trombone and vocals; Luis Perdomo: piano and Fender Rhodes; Cesar Orozco: piano and Fender Rhodes; Pablo Bencid: drum-set; Roberto Koch: contrabass; Manolo Mairena: background vocals; Jeremy Bosch: vocals

Jose Lugo “Donde Estan” featuring Guasabara Combo. (EnGrande Music, 2016)

Ricky Rodriguez "Looking Beyond” (Destiny Records, 2016) Feat: Ricky Rodriguez - bass, David Sanchez - tenor sax, Myron Walden - alto sax, Adam Rogers - guitar, Obed Calvaire - drums, Pete Rodriguez - trumpet, Obanilu Allende - percussion.

Miguel Zenon "Tipico” (Miel Music, 2016) Feat: Hans Glawischnig - bass, Miguel Zenon - alto sax, Henry Cole - drums.

David Gilmore “Energies Of Change” (Evolutionary Music, 2015) Feat: David Gilmore - guitar,              Marcus Strickland - tenor, alto, soprano sax, bass clarinet, Ben Williams - bass, Antonio Sanchez - drums.   Kofo Wanda - percussion.

Samuel Torres “Forced Displacement” (Zoho Music, 2015) Feat: Samuel Torres - congas, Michael Rodriguez - trumpet, Yosvany Terry - saxophones, Marshal Gilkes - trombone, Ricky Rodriguez - bass, Jonathan Gomez - percussion, Obed Calvaire - drums.

Jon Irabagon “Behind The Sky” (Irrabagast, 2015) Feat: Jon Irabagon - tenor and soprano sax, Tom Harrell - trumpet, Yasushi Nakamura - bass, Rudy Royston - drums.

E.J Strickland Quintet “The Undying Spirit” (Strick Music, 2015) Feat: Jaleel Shaw - alto sax, Marcus Strickland - tenor sax, Linda Oh - bass, EJ Strickland - drums.

Pete Rodriguez “El Conde Negro” (Destiny Records Music, 2015) Feat: Ricky Rodriguez - bass, Roberto Quintero - percussion, Rudy Royston - drums.

Mimi Jones “Balance” (Hot Tone Music, 2014)

Trina Medina “Claroscuro” (Kurramba Music, 2014) Feat: Sal Cuevas - bass, Ed Calle - sax, Carlos "Nene" Quintero, "Chuito" Quintero, Vladimir Quintero - percussion a. o.

Miguel Zenon “Identities are Changeable” (Miel Music, 2014) Feat: Hans Glawischnig - bass, Miguel Zenon - alto sax, Henry Cole - drums + Big Band.

Ignacio Berroa “Heritage and Passion” (5Passion, 2014) Feat: Ricky Rodriguez - bass, Mark Shim - Tenor sax and Wind Controller, Adam Rogers - guitar, Mauricio Herrera - percussion, Gonzalo Rubalcava - piano, Ignacio Berroa - drums.

Rodney Green “Live at Smalls” (SmallsLive, 2013) Feat: Joe Sanders - bass, Seamus Blake - Tenor sax, Rodney Green - drums.

Pete Rodriguez “Caminando con Papi”  Destiny Records (2013)

David Gilmore “Numerology: Live at Jazz Standard” (Evolutionary Music, 2012) Feat: David Gilmore - guitar, Claudia Acuña - voice, Miguel Zenon - alto sax, Christian McBride - bass, Jeff "Tain" Watts - drums, Mino Cinelu - percussion.

Ravi Coltrane “Spirit Fiction” (Blue Note Records, 2012)

Gerald "Chipi" Chacon “My Favorite Standards”  (2012)

Steve Turre “Woody's Delight” (High Note, 2012)

Joe Sanders “Introducing Joe Sanders” (Criss Cross Jazz, 2012) Feat: Joe Sanders - bass, Will Vinson - alto sax, Rodney Green - drums, Gretchen Parlato - voice.

Rebecca Coupe Franks “Two Oceans” (High Note 2012) Feat: Rebecca Coupe Franks - trumpet & voice, Mimi Jones - bass, Rodney Green - drums.

Lara Bello “Primero Amarillo, Despues Malva” (Ojo, Musica 2012)

Miguel Zenon Quartet + 10 Piece Woodwind Ensemble “Alma Adentro” (Marsalis Music, 2011)

Roberto Quintero “Transmission” (Robert's Music 2011)

Diego Urcola Quartet “Appreciation” (CamJazz, 2010) Feat: Diego Urcola - trumpet, Hans Glawischnig - bass, Eric McPherson - drums, Yosvany Terry - chekere.

Ben Wolfe Quintet “Live at Small's” (SL, 2010) Feat: Ben Wolfe - bass, Marcus Strickland - Tenor Saxophone, Ryan Kisor - trumpet and Greg Hutchinson - drums

Magos Herrera “Mexico Azul” (Sony Music Entertainment, 2010) Feat: Magos Herrera - voice, Tim Hagans - trumpet, Adam Rodgers - guitar, John Pattitucci - bass, Alex Kautz - drums and Roggerio Boccato - percussion.

Roland Vazquez Big Band “The Visitor” (RVCD, 2010) Feat: James Genus - bass, Ignacio Berroa - drums among others.

Rebecca Coupe Francks “Check The Box” (RCF Records, 2010) Feat: Rebbeca Coupe Francks - trumpet, Mary Ann McSweeney - bass and Richie Morales - drums.

Zdenek Kansky “Dreams and Hopes” (2010)

Miguel Zenon “Esta Plena” (Marsalis Music, 2009)

Ravi Coltrane “Blending Times” (Savoy, 2009)

E. J Strickland “In This Day” (Strick Muzik, 2009)

Prema Lucas “In Fusion” (2009)

Miguel Zenon “Awake” (Marsalis Music, 2008)

Hans Glawischnig “Panorama” (Sunnyside, 2008)

Ben Wolfe “No Strangers Here” (MaxJazz, 2008)

Conrad Herwig “The Latin Side of Wayne Shorter”  (Halfnote Records, 2008)

Pete Rodriguez “El Alquimista” (Conde Music, 2008)

Paoli Mejias “Jazzambia” (2008)

Greg Tardy “Steps of Faith” (Steeplechase, 2007)

Gregor Huebner “New York NRG Quartet” (Niveau Records 2007)

Gregg August “One Peace” (Iacuessa Records, 2007)

Brian Lynch “Spheres Of Influence Suite” (Ewe, 2006)

Yosvany Terry “Metamorphosis”  (Kindred Rhythm, 2006)

Paoli Mejias “Transcend” (2006)

The Jinga Quintet “The Structure of Survival” (Fresh Sounds World Jazz, 2006)

Miguel Zenon “Jibaro” (Marsalis Music, 2005)

Ravi Coltrane “Influx” (Savoy, 2005)

Dafnis Prieto “About The Monks” (Zoho Music, 2005)

Brian Lynch “Conclave” (CrissCrossJazz, 2005)

Paoli Mejias “Mi Tambor” (2004)

Miguel Zenon “Ceremonial” (Marsalis Music, 2004)

Pablo Gil “Simbolos” (Latin World, 2004)

Ray Barretto “Hommage to Art” (Sunnyside, 2003)

The Jinga Quintet “A Day Gone By” (Fresh Sounds World Jazz, 2003) 

Ralph Irizarry and Timbalaye “It’s Time” (BKS Records, 2003) 

Hans Glawischnig “Common Ground” (Fresh Sounds New Talent, 2002) 

Pablo Gil “Major Delights” (Musical Mind, 2002) 

Marlon Simon and the Nagual Spirits “Rumba a la Patato” (CuBop, 2002) 

John Benitez “Descarga in New York” (Khaeon, 2001) 

Miguel Zenon “Looking Forward” (Fresh Sounds New Talent, 2001) 

Gerardo Rosales “La salsa es mi vida” (Challenge Records, 2001) 

Ralph Irizarry and Timbalaye “Best Kept Secret” (Shanachie, 2000) 

Ralph Irizarry and Timbalaye “Live at Birdland” (RCA Victor, 1999) 

Ralph Irizarry and Timbalaye “Ralph Irizarry & Timbalaye” (Shanachie, 1998)

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